The king of KitKat cakes

Since having my very own kitchen I’ve enjoyed baking delights (and some disasters) for friends and family. So when it came to my brother’s birthday, I was more than happy for the excuse to get back in the kitchen and try something new. But when I asked what was needed of me, much later, my jaw dropped.

The brief

  • 1x birthday cake
  • Should incorporate M&Ms
  • Needs to look fun
  • Needs to serve 22 people

So I put away my modest 8-inch cake tins and set about something bigger. I had wanted to try baking a KitKat cake for some time and this was as good, and large, a chance as any. The core of the cake was a chocolate sponge, described by Nigella as the cake you’ll want to eat after being dumped. I thought a sturdy, dense cake would stand strong for the decoration. You can find the recipe here – a delicious chocolate fudge cake.

Instead of doing the sensible thing of calculating the ratios needed for my new 12-inch cake tin, I put the equivalent of a whole 2-layered standard cake into the single tin. Seeing as my KitKat cake would need two layers, I ultimately produced two cakes in one. After a moment of panic, which happens during most bakes, the two giant layers were slowly baked and cooling. Then came the fun part.

KitKat M&Ms cake
 I also used Nigella’s trusted fudge icing, of which I made up double the quantity. But I didn’t need anywhere near as much! To my disbelief I sandwiched the two layers together with the icing in between and coated the entire cake with icing to spare. I then glued the KitKats around the edge of the cake with the icing. With a cake so big I luckily had a cake stand that could hold the cake and it helped hold the chocolate bars in place around the edge of the cake.

Once the KitKat fence was in place the last and easiest part of the KitKat cake was to pour copious amounts of M&Ms on top. Job done.

The verdict

I had seen a few cakes like this on social media, some using chocolate fingers rather than KitKats and some opting to wrap ribbon around the cake. I think the size of this cake made it more challenging, but all the more impressive once it was done. Would I do it again? Probably not, there are so many more cakes to try!