Nintendo announces SNES Classic Mini

One week ago we cast aside frustrations with Nintendo’s discontinuing the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES and cheered as they announced a new console this autumn, the SNES Classic Mini. As the original SNES was my introduction to gaming, with its rounded controllers and brightly coloured buttons, I was very happy to learn of its return. Nintendo released the SNES in 1992 so I’m sure I won’t be the only one looking to it for some nostalgic gaming.

We’ve already been treated to the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES and, despite a controller that tethers you to the screen, it has been a hit. From the range of retro games to the miniaturised style of the console itself, the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES is a console that brings joy to the retro gamer. But there’s definitely something Nintendo should learn from its premier classic mini console. There is, of course the consistent Nintendo problem of not issuing enough stock.

Give the people what they want, Nintendo! 

But once you get your hands on a Nintendo Classic Mini: NES, the major pullback is the short controller lead. I know the console is mini, but the cable doesn’t need to be. I imagine a large bulk of the people who will buy and play the SNES Classic Mini are those who loved it the first time around. My legs are much longer now than they were then, so it would be nice to not have to squish them in the same distance from the screen. Rumour has it, the controller cables will be 5ft long. So let’s keep our fingers crossed, instead of our legs, that that’s true. 

Super Mario Kart
It’ll be red shells at the ready with this on the SNES Mini

On the plus side the SNES Classic Mini will come with two controllers. That’s one more than its NES counterpart. Be ready to face old rivals on classic battlegrounds. Amongst the 21 games that’ll be on the SNES Classic Mini are old favourites such as Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting and Donkey Kong Country. There will also be the previously unreleased Star Fox 2. So not only will players be jumping back in time, there will also be something new for them to experience. Nintendo aren’t just handing that over on a plate, however. To play Star Fox 2 on the SNES Classic Mini you’ll first have to play the first level of the original Star Fox. Think of it as practice.

The SNES Classic Mini will be available on 29th September and costs £69.99 (including two controllers). You’d best pre-order one when you can, if it’s anything like the Nintendo Classic Mini: NES the SNES will become gold dust pretty quickly.

Super Mario World
Another classic we can relive on the new SNES